Australian Whisky of the Week

McHenry Whisky 

Crafted on 07/01/16 and bottled on 17/06/21, limited to just 200 bottles, this exceptional release hails from one of Australia's premier whisky distilleries. Aged for five years in ex-Hillrock Bourbon Barrels, it then undergoes a unique finishing touch in French Oak blood tubs, resulting in a whisky that maintains its full complexity without undergoing chill filtration.

Experience the allure of fresh vanilla, subtle caramel, and a hint of banana on the nose. As it gracefully unfolds on the palate, expect bright tart fruit notes. The finish is remarkably smooth, leaving a light impression on the back of the palate.

Delve into the tasting journey:

Nose: Indulge in the aromas of caramel, sweet liquorice, and plump sultanas.

Palate: Enjoy a smooth, gentle interplay of light chocolate, hints of liquorice, and the richness of raisin caramel fudge.

Finish: Conclude your experience with a light, sweet smoothness, complemented by a subtle fruity note.

Delving into the finer details:

Style: Australian Whisky

Origin: Tasmania, Australia

Bottle Size: 500ml

(ABV): 42%

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