South Australia

South Australian Whisky

South Australia, located in the southern part of Australia, is known for its world-renowned wine industry, but it is also home to a growing whisky industry that is gaining recognition for its unique and high-quality offerings. 

South Australia is also known for its commitment to traditional production methods. Many distilleries in the region use pot stills, which are the same types of stills used in Scotland, to create their whisky. This traditional approach, along with a focus on high-quality ingredients, results in a product that is complex, full-bodied, and rich in flavor.

One of the challenges facing the South Australian whisky industry is its small size. Many distilleries are still in the early stages of production and have limited output, which can make it difficult to find their products outside of the region. However, the industry is growing, with new distilleries emerging and existing ones expanding their offerings.

Overall, South Australian-produced whisky is an exciting addition to the Australian whisky landscape. With its focus on local ingredients and traditional production methods, it offers a taste of the region's character and terroir. While it may not have the same level of recognition as some of the other Australian whisky regions, it is definitely worth exploring for those who are looking for something new and different.

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Tria Prima

Tria Prima, where tradition intertwines with innovation to produce exceptional single malt whisky. At Tria Prima, they are committed to nurturing creativity while upholding age-old techniques passed down by masters of the past. Situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the distillery leverages local ingredients and the unique environment to craft a Spirit of Life that reflects their dedication to quality and transparency.

Dedicated to the pursuit of the finest single malt whisky, Tria Prima approaches each step with deliberate precision, ensuring the creation of a complex and harmonious end product. Their limited-edition batches speak to the meticulous process undertaken to achieve a well-balanced and premium quality whisky.

Tria Prima exclusively uses the finest ingredients, including South Australian barley, guiding and extracting the hidden spirit through traditional methods. The journey continues with maturation in top-tier casks, resulting in a product that is as rare as it is exceptional.

Quality over quantity is the mantra at Tria Prima. Wisdom favours those who choose quality over price, and they trust that their audience appreciates the art of contemplation and savouring. Tria Prima is not just a brand; it's a small family business led by Paul and Trang Shand. Paul, their whisky maker, brings a unique background as a former geochemist, applying the same precision used in understanding the Earth's evolution to the crafting of their whisky.

Having explored the Scottish Highlands for gold, Paul found another liquid gold in the local bars, studying both with scientific curiosity. This same rigour now defines Tria Prima's whisky-making process, blending ancient alchemical wisdom with modern insights, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on quality ingredients and handcrafted techniques.

Welcome to the boutique nano-distillery nestled in Mount Barker, where every drop is a labour of love and a toast to the rich heritage of whisky craftsmanship.

78 Degrees Distillery

The Hills Cider Company's Steve Dorman and Toby Kline joined Sacha in 2016 as they started the second phase of 78 Degrees Distillery, which involves extending the product line and boosting production capacity.

In December 2018, Mismatch Brewing Co., The Hills Cider Company, Vinteloper, and Ashton Valley Fresh joined 78 Degrees Distillery in relocating to their new location. With plenty of room to expand and make use of the surrounding property, the cutting-edge restaurant and distillery are located on the Lot 100 site.

The range of 78 Degrees has grown to encompass an amazing selection of gins, vermouths, aperitifs, and Australian Whiskey as they continue to experiment, research, and use distinctively Australian botanicals. 78 Degrees has received an impressive amount of honours and awards and has maintained its

Iniquity Whisky

After looking at the logistics of making such a goal a reality, some may think that starting a distillery from scratch is a crazy concept. It does require tenacity, commitment, and unwavering faith in the dream. Even before the first spirit emerges from the stills, it is in some ways a true spiritual journey.

On this foundation, Tin Shed was created. From grinding the malt, stirring the mash, making the cut, and transferring the barrels to deciding which casks to utilise, to bottling, labelling, and sending bottles of INIQUITY to our customers and friends, every step of the process we use is done by hand.

True, we take a more active role than others might think is essential, but that is the approach we favour.