Western Australia Whisky

Western Australian Whisky

Western Australia is one of Australia's most remote and sparsely populated states, but it is also home to a growing whisky industry that is quickly gaining recognition for its unique and high-quality offerings. The region's vast landscapes and rugged terrain provide an ideal setting for producing whisky that is rich, complex, and full of character.

The whisky is often described as having a bold and complex taste, with notes of fruit, spice, and smokiness. The use of local ingredients and innovative production methods have helped to create a product that is distinctively Western Australian.

One of the challenges facing the Western Australian whisky industry is its remote location. Many distilleries are located in isolated areas, which can make it difficult to find their products outside of the region. However, the industry is growing, with new distilleries emerging and existing ones expanding their offerings.

Overall, Western Australian-produced whisky is an exciting addition to the Australian whisky landscape. With its focus on local ingredients and innovative production methods, it offers a taste of the region's character and terroir. While it may not have the same level of recognition as some of the other Australian whisky regions, it is definitely worth exploring for those who are looking for something new and different.

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Recognised as the world's best international craft whisky. Twice.

The excellent outcomes of unwavering craftsmanship and an ideal environment for ageing fine whisky are reflected in the many Limeburners Single Malt Whisky variations.

Made with excellent Western Australian grain and clean Albany water drawn from limestone aquifers located far beneath the distillery. Some expressions of the spirit are finished in Australian fortified wine barrels once the spirit has finished maturing in second fill American oak bourbon barrels. They use peat from the neighbouring Valley of the Giants in Walpole to produce their peated whiskies.

Each stage is painstakingly investigated and perfected, producing a whisky that is proudly Western Australian and of international repute.