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Our comprehensive list will guide you to the finest distilleries and whisky producers in Australia. We're constantly seeking out new and exceptional Australian whisky makers, and our list continues to grow as we uncover them.

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Adams Distillery

In 2016, just South of Launceston, Tasmania, at the Glen Ireh estate in Perth, the inception of a whisky venture unfolded. Two close friends, Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders, collaborated to actualize their single malt whisky distillery aspirations. United by a common dream, ambition, and a penchant for innovation, the duo embarked on a journey of whisky exploration.

Benefiting from the wealth of knowledge within the Tasmanian craft whisky community, where practitioners readily shared insights, the Adams found inspiration to pursue their vision of establishing a notable craft whisky enterprise at the Glen Ireh estate. 

Tragedy struck in February 2021, as a fire ravaged the distillery, reducing it to ashes and shattering dreams. Fortunately, the maturing whisky stocks emerged unscathed, and with newfound support from investors, the team resolved to rebuild. The determination was reinforced when Adams Peated Port Slosh cask won acclaim as the category winner and the best Australian single cask malt at the 2021 World Whiskies Awards. Subsequent accolades, including medals at the World Whiskies Awards, World Gin Awards, and recognition in the esteemed Jim Murray Whisky Bible, further fueled their resurgence.

From the ruins, Adams Distillery has emerged, ushering in a new era with revitalised energy and a vision that encompasses an expanded range of premium craft whisky, gin, and other spirits, available across Australia and select global markets.

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Ancient Wisdom Whisky

Backwoods Distilling Co.

Belgrove Distilling

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Black Gate Distillery

Callington Mill Distillery

Cape Byron Distillery

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Chief's Son

Corowa Distilling Co.

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Corra Linn Distillery

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Cradle Mountain Whisky

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Craft Works Distillery

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Cut Hill Distillery

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Dark Valley Whisky

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Derwent Distillery

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Eden Whisky

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Geographe Distillery

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The Gospel Distillery

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Grove Distillery

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Hellyers Road Distillery

Hobart Whisky

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Hoochery Distillery

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Highwayman Whisky

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Hunter Island Whisky

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Joadja Distillery

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Killary Distillery

Killary Distillery - Kristy, a second-generation distiller, boasts over 18 years of experience in the distilling industry. Having spent many years at her family's business, Lark Distillery, she served as both the head distiller and general manager. 

Throughout her tenure, the whisky crafted by Kristy garnered numerous awards on both the national and international stage. She has recently made the decision to embark on her independent journey, upholding the family tradition of crafting premium spirits in a welcoming atmosphere 

Lark Distillery

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Manly Spirits Co.

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Morris Whisky

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McHenry Distillery

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NED Whisky

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Nonesuch Distillery

On one of the most picturesque properties in Tasmania, you will find Nonesuch Distillery.  Here, father and son duo Rex and Chris, create whisky with amazing flavour profiles that are as unique and amazing as Tasmania itself. 

Nonesuch produces the first and still only Tasmanian whisky from a mash of corn rye and barley, their Triple Grain, that sits proudly alongside their more traditional Singe Malt styles.

Chris summed up the Nonesuch philosophy “We aren’t looking to conquer the world; we simply want to keep doing what we do best: making damn good whisky that brings sensational flavours to everyone lucky enough to score a bottle.

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Old Kempton

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Spirit Thief Distilling Co.

Spring Bay Distillery

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Starward Whisky

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Sullivans Cove Distillery

Sullivans Cove Whisky Distillery: A Tasmanian Treasure

Nestled in the heart of Tasmania lies a true gem of the whisky world, Sullivans Cove Whisky Distillery. Since its inception in 1994, this family-owned and operated distillery has been crafting some of the finest single malt whisky to be found anywhere on the planet. Using only the purest Tasmanian water, the distillery prides itself on its traditional distilling methods, combined with modern techniques and equipment, to produce a range of whiskies that are both complex and full of character.

Sullivans Cove has gained a reputation as one of the world's most awarded distilleries, winning numerous accolades including the prestigious World Whiskies Awards for Best Single Malt Whisky in 2014 and 2018. These awards have helped to shine a light on the incredible work that goes on at this distillery, as well as putting Tasmanian whisky firmly on the map.

One of the key factors that sets Sullivans Cove apart from other distilleries is their commitment to using only the finest locally sourced ingredients. This includes Tasmanian barley, which is grown in some of the purest air and soil in the world, as well as water from the pristine Derwent River. The result is a range of whiskies that are uniquely Tasmanian in character, with a rich and distinct flavor profile that is unmistakable.

The distillery is open to visitors, with guided tours available to provide an insight into the whisky-making process, as well as offering tastings of their award-winning range. Visitors can also take advantage of the distillery's cellar door, where they can purchase bottles of their favorite whiskies to take home.

At Sullivans Cove, the focus is always on quality over quantity, with each batch of whisky given the time and attention it deserves to reach its full potential. Whether you are a seasoned whisky drinker or new to the world of single malt, a visit to this distillery is a must-do for anyone visiting Tasmania. Experience the magic of Sullivans Cove Whisky Distillery, and discover why their whiskies are regarded as some of the finest in the world.

Sunnyhill Distillery

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Taylor & Smith Distilling Co.

Tara Distillery

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The Bird Whiskey

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The Remnant Whisky Co.

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Timboon Railway Shed Distillery

Tiny Bear Distillery

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Tria Prima

Tria Prima, where tradition intertwines with innovation to produce exceptional single malt whisky. At Tria Prima, they are committed to nurturing creativity while upholding age-old techniques passed down by masters of the past. Situated in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, the distillery leverages local ingredients and the unique environment to craft a Spirit of Life that reflects their dedication to quality and transparency.

Dedicated to the pursuit of the finest single malt whisky, Tria Prima approaches each step with deliberate precision, ensuring the creation of a complex and harmonious end product. Their limited-edition batches speak to the meticulous process undertaken to achieve a well-balanced and premium quality whisky.

Tria Prima exclusively uses the finest ingredients, including South Australian barley, guiding and extracting the hidden spirit through traditional methods. The journey continues with maturation in top-tier casks, resulting in a product that is as rare as it is exceptional.

Quality over quantity is the mantra at Tria Prima. Wisdom favours those who choose quality over price, and they trust that their audience appreciates the art of contemplation and savouring. Tria Prima is not just a brand; it's a small family business led by Paul and Trang Shand. Paul, their whisky maker, brings a unique background as a former geochemist, applying the same precision used in understanding the Earth's evolution to the crafting of their whisky.

Having explored the Scottish Highlands for gold, Paul found another liquid gold in the local bars, studying both with scientific curiosity. This same rigour now defines Tria Prima's whisky-making process, blending ancient alchemical wisdom with modern insights, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on quality ingredients and handcrafted techniques.

Welcome to the boutique nano-distillery nestled in Mount Barker, where every drop is a labour of love and a toast to the rich heritage of whisky craftsmanship.


23rd Street Distillery

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Two Doctors Whiskey

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Whipper Snapper

2020 Distillery

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36 Short Distillery

Experience the Distinctive Flavours of 36 Short Distillery's Craft Spirits from Virginia, SA

If you're looking for an authentic taste of Virginia's rich distilling history, look no further than 36 Short Distillery. Located in the heart of Virginia, SA, this family-owned distillery is committed to crafting premium, small-batch spirits using only the finest local ingredients and traditional distilling methods.

What sets 36 Short Distillery apart from other craft distilleries is its dedication to creating distinctive, hand-crafted flavours that reflect the unique terroir of Virginia. From its award-winning gin to its smooth and complex whiskies, every bottle of 36 Short Distillery's spirits is the result of a carefully curated blend of locally-sourced botanicals, grains, and other ingredients, resulting in a flavour profile that is truly unique.

Take, for example, the distillery's signature gin, which is infused with hand-picked local botanicals such as lemon myrtle, native pepper, and desert limes, resulting in a refreshing, citrusy flavour that is perfectly suited to the Australian climate. Or try the distillery's flagship whisky, which is aged in a combination of virgin oak and ex-sherry casks, resulting in a rich, smooth, and complex flavour profile that is sure to impress even the most discerning whisky connoisseur.

But it's not just about the taste – 36 Short Distillery is also committed to sustainability and ethical production. The distillery uses only locally-sourced ingredients, reducing its carbon footprint and supporting the local economy. And with a commitment to minimising waste and using renewable energy, 36 Short Distillery is setting the standard for responsible and sustainable craft distilling.

Whether you're a seasoned spirit enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, 36 Short Distillery's hand-crafted spirits are sure to delight your taste buds. So why not indulge in a bottle today and experience the true taste of Virginia's rich distilling heritage?

7K Distillery

Discover the Distinctive Taste of 7K Distillery Whisky from Tasmania

Looking for a premium whisky that embodies the essence of Tasmania? Look no further than 7K Distillery, a boutique distillery located in the heart of Tasmania's picturesque countryside. Crafted using locally-sourced ingredients and traditional distilling techniques, 7K Distillery whisky offers a unique taste that is sure to captivate your senses.

What sets 7K Distillery whisky apart from other premium whiskies is its distinctive flavour profile. Each bottle of 7K Distillery whisky is the result of a carefully-crafted blend of malted barley, Tasmanian peat, and pure water sourced from local rivers and springs. The result is a complex and layered flavour profile, with hints of vanilla, oak, and caramel, and a subtle smoky finish that lingers on the palate.

But it's not just about the taste – 7K Distillery also takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and responsible production. The distillery sources its malted barley from local Tasmanian farmers, supporting the local economy and reducing its carbon footprint. The water used in the distilling process is drawn from natural sources and is carefully filtered to ensure the highest quality possible. And with a dedication to reducing waste and minimising environmental impact, 7K Distillery is a shining example of ethical and sustainable production.

For those looking to experience the full range of 7K Distillery whisky, the distillery offers a variety of tasting experiences and tours. Visitors can learn about the history of whisky production in Tasmania, witness the distilling process firsthand, and even sample some of the distillery's exclusive single malt whiskies. With a commitment to providing an authentic and immersive experience, 7K Distillery is the perfect destination for whisky enthusiasts and curious travellers alike.

So why not indulge in a bottle of 7K Distillery whisky today and discover the unique taste of Tasmania? With its distinctive flavour profile, sustainable production methods, and commitment to authenticity, 7K Distillery is the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience the true essence of Tasmanian whisky.

5 Nines 

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