Australian Whisky New Releases

The Australian whisky scene is dynamic and exciting, with plenty of new and interesting options for whisky enthusiasts to explore. Some established distilleries are expanding their portfolios with new expressions and limited edition releases.
Check out some of those below.

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Single Malt Whisky – Pedro Ximenez

Tasmanian Distiller - 7K Distillery

Single Malt Whisky – Pedro Ximenez – 7KD-033 500ml 51% ABVBarrel Date: 07/04/19

Bottle Date: 19/08/21

Nose: Flambeed Christmas cake, loaded with macerated oranges and a touch of clove. A popcorn-like sweetness surfaces.

Palate: A rush of Pedro sweetness, induced with stewed red apples, currants, & sultans, moving into all spice combined with pink & green peppercorns.

Finish: A spicy malt Christmas cake lingers well after the dram is gone…

Double Sherry Cask Marriage 500ml

Tasmanian Distiller - 7K Distillery

7KD025+028 – Double Sherry Cask Marriage 47.9% ABV 500ml

BARREL DATE: 21/08/2018  B: 30/03/2021

Perfect union by blending two of their sherry casks. 

Limited bottles, so get in quick

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