Australian Whisky Ballots

Australian Whisky Ballots: A Guide

Australian whisky is on the rise, and with it comes a growing demand for limited-edition and rare whiskies. One way to get your hands on these coveted bottles is to enter a whisky ballot.

A whisky ballot is a way for distilleries to sell their limited-edition whiskies to a select group of customers. Typically, a ballot will open for a certain period of time, and customers can enter by submitting their name and contact information. Once the ballot closes, the distillery will randomly select winners who will be able to purchase the whisky.

Whisky ballots can be a great way to get your hands on a rare or limited-edition whisky, but they can also be competitive. If you're serious about winning a bottle, it's important to enter as many ballots as possible. You can also increase your chances of winning by signing up for whisky clubs and newsletters.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when entering a whisky ballot:

Whisky ballots are a great way to get your hands on rare and limited-edition whiskies. If you're a serious whisky collector, be sure to enter as many ballots as possible. With a little luck, you'll be sipping on a rare dram in no time.

Here are some additional tips for entering whisky ballots:

I hope this information has been helpful. Good luck with your whisky ballot entries!

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Here are some of the Australian distilleries that usually run ballots:

These distilleries all produce high-quality whiskies, and their ballots are always popular. If you're looking for a chance to get your hands on a rare or limited-edition whisky, be sure to check out the ballots from these distilleries.

Here are some additional tips for finding out about Australian whisky ballots:

With a little effort, you should be able to find out about all the upcoming Australian whisky ballots. Good luck!

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Here are some Australian-made whiskies that have been sold via a ballot in the past:

These are just a few examples of the many Australian whiskies that have been sold via a ballot. If you're looking for a chance to get your hands on a rare or limited-edition whisky, be sure to check out the ballots from these distilleries.

The Latest Australian Whisky Ballots

We strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the latest whisky ballots. However, we would like to inform you that while we diligently organize the ballots in the order of their date, it is possible that some of these ballots may have already closed.

Please note that whisky ballots often have limited durations and specific closing dates, which may not be reflected in real-time on our website. We make every effort to keep our content current, but due to the dynamic nature of these events, it is essential to verify the status of any ballot before participating.

We recommend that you double-check the closing date and availability of each whisky ballot through the official sources provided or by directly contacting the respective organizers. This ensures that you have the most accurate and updated information regarding the status and accessibility of the ballots you are interested in.

We encourage you to stay informed and make informed decisions based on the latest and official information provided by the ballot organizers.

Please enjoy our website responsibly and savour the delightful world of whisky responsibly.

Sullivans Cove American Oak 2nd Fill 'Old & Rare' WhiskyOur Old & Rare Second Fill American Oak releases have been matured for a minimum of sixteen years in a cask made from American oak, that has previously matured Sullivans Cove whisky. This style of maturation in Second Fill casks was recently celebrated with a gold medal and category win at the World Whiskies Awards. Second fill casks display our distilleries character loudly and proudly. These casks have been with us since the mid 1990s where they started their life as virgin oak, and they have only ever matured our single malt whisky – no bourbon, no sherry, nothing else. Second fill casks allow for long term maturation, without being overtaken by the influence of oak or pre-fill. The result is a whisky in perfect harmony: our signature spirit character is met by a soft oak profile, allowing the fruity esters that come from our copper Alembic still, Myrtle, to shine. American Oak Old & Rare Second Fill Single Cask TD0101 was filled on the 26th of May, 2006 and decanted on the 13th of June, 2023, for a maturation of 17 years. After such a long maturation, this 300-litre American oak cask, previously used to mature an older batch of Sullivans Cove single malt, yielded only 384 bottles at 47.5% abv. As one of the oldest Australian single malt whiskies ever released, this bottling is a true piece of whisky history and has incredible texture, complexity and length of palate. Each bottle comes in a unique, hand made, solid oak presentation box, and includes a letter of authenticity signed by our Head Distiller.