Whisky of the Month

Two Bourbon Casks, Finished in Pedro XimÉnez Cask – 47.1% 500ML

Tasmanian Distiller - 7K Distillery

7KD PXFB002 – Two Bourbon Casks, Finished in Pedro Ximénez Cask – 47.1% 500ml

24/05/2018 – 28/07/2021 3 years 2 months entire maturation, 9 month finish

Tasting Notes

Nose: Caramelised spiced figs & tonka beans open up with dry forest floor. Heather & honey emerge alongside Sultana Pasties.

Palate: Cooking biscotti loaded with raisins and nutmeg hits the palate, before a warm honey syrup coats the tongue leaving behind a brandy eggnog.

Finish: A lengthy finish, sweetness & oak play nicely side by side.

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